Photoshop World 2010 Las Vegas

This year I was lucky enough to get to attend the Photoshop World 2010 conference in Las Vegas. Hosted by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), which is headed by the awesome Scott Kelby, the conference was held in the Mandalay Bay. Which meant that I got to spend the better part of a week in Vegas with other designers soaking in the Photoshop goodness and eating amazing food. Yep, that's me just chillin' on the strip.

Basically? I lucked out. I have many moments where I realize how lucky I am to have my job, and this was one of them. We don't often go to conferences (in fact, this is my first as part of my position), so it's a big treat when the budget allows for it. Not only was it neat on a personal level making my first trip to Vegas, it was a massive creative boost. Sometimes all it takes is seeing someone else doing a different thing a different way to pull down the walls in your head that are keeping  you from solving a design problem.

NAPP pulled out all the stops - including Scott and the other higher-ups putting together a full on KISS tribute design band. It was epic, I tell you, EPIC! I hope you'll forgive the poor photo quality. I may have been at a Photoshop conference, but I was one of the plebes using a basic digital point and shoot.

It's really hard to pin down and say what I got the most out of. Deke McClelland ran a few of the sessions I attended, and I now know more about masks and channels than ever before. Can't wait to put it into use! Scott Kelby ran a Down & Dirty session (naturally) that gave me the inspiration I needed to finally figure out the Domestic Violence Awareness shirt and posters I am currently working on. I have so many things to try floating around in my head that I'm not sure where to start, but for now I'm off to stop blogging and start working my way through the list.