Domestic Violence Awareness Week

Domestic Violence Awareness Week is coming up. Project REV is hosting a variety of events to bring attention to the issue and help those who are already in a bad situation to get out.

The coordinator and I talked quite a bit about what the best approach might be. It's a difficult topic because it's easy to be too cheerful in your design (which makes it seem like you're making fun of a serious topic) or too dark (which negates the feeling of hope you ultimately want to foster). We talked multiple times about the feeling of victory and breaking through the bad times in life. Eventually she suggested the image of a person with their hand raised in the air, and after some revision, tweaking, and a week at the Photoshop World convention, this is what it morphed into. 

Hard as it was to finalize what we were doing with this design, I am absolutely thrilled with the final product. Sometimes the designs that are hardest to do end up being the most rewarding when you finally see them finished.