Retiring the Blog

I'm retiring this blog. Good news, though! You don't have to give up on content from me. My content has just moved to my main site for reasons of practicality. If you have any questions, ask away! I'm not leaving my Google account, so this is still a valid point of contact if you've happened upon it.


Design Memory Lane: Mac Mini Ad Series

Memory lane is a new blog post type that I'll be doing regularly. Basically the idea is to look back at something I did in the past - the good and the bad about it. Hopefully it will be an interesting exercise for me and for any of you reading.

This set of ads - a full page magazine ad at the top, two billboards (second and on the bottom), and a two-page magazine spread second from the bottom were one of my big projects for class in college.
They're circa 2005, I believe, and as one of my later pieces in the program, I'm actually pretty proud of them. It's strange to think how much planning it took to arrive at these now. Now I look at these and am pretty sure I could whip them out start to finish in no time flat. Thankfully this trip down memory lane isn't embarrassing. It's just strange to think of how far I've come in terms of basic skills.