Design Theft as Policy

This primarily applies to designers at universities and colleges, but just in case anyone else uses http://www.campustshirt.com/, please be aware that it is apparently their policy to steal your artwork unless you specifically ask them not to.

No, really.

I found out because one our students sent us a print out she found on a "campus shirt site" that she really liked. This confused me because it was one of OUR designs for a few years ago. More specifically, one that I did. I didn't have time to investigate at the time, but when I did today, I discovered that and another of our Spring Fling shirt designs happily living among the designs that they claimed as their own and are now selling. Designs put out, ostensibly, by the top notch art department they claim to have.

The upside? When I gave them the numbers and told them I was very, very uncomfortable with the situation, they were very nice, understanding, and they took the designs down immediately. But that's after selling them as their own for a few years simply because the person who submitted the work to them didn't realize it was their company policy to steal art. Because WHY would it be your company policy to steal art?! I'm flabbergasted, frankly, and a little confused. What's the world coming to, people?