Old Dog New Tricks

I'm currently learning more about FinalCut since I've taken over doing the video for our school's Orientation. It's nothing major or fancy - just filming throughout the day and editing the best clips together so that the students and parents can watch it over lunch on day two. I confess that at first it all gave me something of a panic attack. I knew how to do a little of the technical stuff (the editing itself and a tiny bit of audio work), but I'm a print designer. I enjoy taking photos, but filming and doing video editing?

Thankfully it's ended up being less of a strain than I thought, but at the same time, doing the work has also made me keenly aware of how little I know the software. Which means squeezing in as much training as possible when I'm not working on other things. I'm happy to be acquiring the skills, but I'm finding it to be a chore simply because I have veeerrrry little interest in doing video. It's needed, so I'm filling the void.

What training exercises or "additional duties as assigned" have you encountered in your job that have made you want to tear your hair out - or feel particularly accomplished to have slogged through?