Rebranding & Portfolios

I've come to the realization that since for more than a year I've actually been Beth Howard, not Beth Dobbs, now might be a good time for some rebranding. I haven't redone my identity or updated it at all since I graduated college, and since that was six years ago... well, it's starting to feel like time for a change. That means coming up with a new name, new logo, probably new colors... My brain hurts thinking about it, but it's a necessary step.

I also wanted to see what kind of portfolios you guys use out there in the world. Obviously I haven't shopped mine around much in quite awhile. I have an unofficial, casual body of my work up at DeviantArt and this blog, obviously, but I'm considering doing my own hosted portfolio again. And then I think about how annoying it is and how much work it can be. Does anyone host their portfolio at a third party site they're fond of? Or do you just have a pdf downloadable somewhere? What's the standard? What works for you?