Cross-posting this to most of my blogs, so forgive repetition.

For those of you who read my husband Wes' entry about Pike's birth, you already know that things are off to a strange start for us. We're lucky that I'm in relatively good shape recovering from the c-section and that Pike is lucky enough to be in a neonatal unit with really wonderful staff. The downside is how this affects our budget, our work schedules and, well, all the plans we've made about most of this. Really good plans were made to be broken, right?

Since it has left us in a rough spot, we're putting this button up. If you can help us with our medical expenses, which will range from the care flight I had to take to Pike's time in the nicu (which he's not likely to come home with us from until close to his original due date in late September) to renting a hospital grade pump so I can get him milk... well, we'd be grateful. I'm not huge on begging for cash, but right now I'm not so silly as to not admit  we need help. A lot of our friends and family have helped already. If you find that you have a spare five dollars over the next few months, though, it will seriously go a long way for us. If you're not comfortable with PayPal, just comment or email and we'll figure something out.